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We say goodbye to Destiny’s Iron Banner next week

Destiny Iron Banner

One of Destiny’s iconic Crucible events — Iron Banner — will be retired next week as we begin to usher in a new era of PvP.

“Next week, the Iron Lords will host their very last competition in the Destiny 1 Crucible. It’s the end of an era!” Bungie proclaimed in their weekly update.

“One more time, you’re invited to Felwinter Peak to collect some Bounties and let your Light run wild in the Iron Banner. The circle will close where it began. The game is Control. You’ll discover the rewards in the offing when you visit Efrideet.”

Iron Banner was first introduced into Destiny all the way back in October of 2014. The week-long Crucible event would task players with completing specific Iron Banner bounties in order to earn Iron Banner reputation to unlock unique Legendary weapons and armor.

There’s been no confirmation of Iron Banner returning in Destiny 2, but a Hunter was seen in the initial gameplay trailer donning the iconic Iron Banner symbol on his chest.


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