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How Control is changing in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 PvP

As we learned earlier, one of the big changes to Destiny’s PvP is the move to 4v4 gameplay, which means Bungie had to make some changes to the various game modes, Control being one of them. IGN caught up with Crucible Design Lead Lars Bakken for a quick tour of of the new Control mode, but for those of you who don’t want to watch the video, here’s the jist of what’s changed in Destiny 2 Control.

One of the big changes is that points A and C are both pre-captured for the respective teams.

“What we found was that when you had three possibilities at the beginning of the game, players sort of had too many things to do and it spread the players out too much,” Lars explained. So that means the new point of attack should be either B, or the opposite point of attack.

Another big change is that capturing a point is no longer a two step operation. Bungie has removed the “Neutralization” step of capturing a point; it just goes directly to “Capturing.”
They’ve also changed the timing of capturing a point, and you no longer need multiple people in the zone anymore to make it capture faster. This was to avoid forced player clumping.

A minor change is that you can now see through the flag so that your view is no longer obstructed.

Perhaps the best change was a simplification of the scoring process. Each kill in Crucible is worth 1 point. However, if you control 2 or more zones you’ll be given additional points: 1 additional point per kill for owing 2 points , and 2 additional points per kill for owning all 3 points (this is now called a “Power Play”).

Matches are also a little bit shorter, running about 8 minutes in length. Mercy rule is enabled, as well.

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