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Destiny 2 World-Eater Quest Walkthrough: Complete ‘On the Comms’ and Unlock the Legend of Acrius

Destiny 2 Legend of Acrius Shotgun

With the release of Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid, Guardians can now complete the mysterious World-Eater quest that is introduced with the On the Comms random item drop. Completing the World-Eater quest leads to unlocking the Legend of Acrius Exotic Weapon — an Arc Shotgun for the Power slot. This guide will help walk you through every part of the World-Eater Quest, including On the Comms and the Leviathan raid.

Starting Destiny 2’s World-Eater Quest with ‘On the Comms’

Unlike other Exotic weapon quests in Destiny 2 that can be started by simply talking to an NPC after completing the story, starting the World-Eater quest requires a bit of luck.

First, you need to kill Cabal until one drops an item named “On the Comms.” It appears that any Cabal will do, and though most people find it during in a Patrol activity, it could also drop in a Strike, too. Many believe it’s required that you first complete the game’s story in order to have a chance at this drop.

Completing ‘On the Comms’

The On the Comms item appears in your Power Weapons slot and asks that you “Return to Nessus and recover communication ciphers from Red Legion troops.” You must collect 5 of these.

You can find Red Legion in The Cistern area in the south west part of Nessus. Killing any Cabal on Nessus should reward you with these items, but be warned that they do drop at random at a reasonably low rate.

Destroyer of Worlds (formerly called Await the World-Eater)

Once you collect all five, the quest will automatically update with the next step. Prior to the Leviathan Raid unlocking, this was called the Await the World-Eater quest step, but is now named Destroyer of Worlds. You must complete the Leviathan Raid to complete this quest.

End the Arms Dealer

Once you take down the final boss of the Raid, you’ll receive a new item, which gives you the End the Arms Dealer quest step:

  • Complete Strike Quest: The Arms Dealer in EDZ.

Unlike other Strikes, this allows you to select the Strike from inside the EDZ Patrol as part of the questline. It has a recommended Power level of 300, and comes with a time limit to make your life is a little more difficult, but you can extend it by shooting blue Anomaly orbs that appear throughout the Strike, adding 30 seconds to your timer.

Back to the Bazaar

Once you successfullyc omplete the Strike, it will update to “Back to the Bazaar,” which requires you speak to Benedict 99-40. He will give you the Legend of Acruis weapon. But you’re not done yet!

Cabal Killer

Although you now have the weapon, the quest updates to “Cabal Killer” and gives you three objectives:

  • Objective 1: Eliminate Cabal (out of 25)
  • Objective 2: Eliminate Cabal at close range (out of 15)
  • Objective 3: Eliminate multiple Cabal without reloading (out of 10)

The good news is you can complete these objectives anywhere in the game and in any activity, as long as you do it with the Acrius weapon.

The reward for this step is currently unknown, but for now you’ll still have the Legend of Acrius to play with.


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