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Destiny 2 Open Beta extended

Destiny 2 cinematic screenshot

Bungie announced today that Destiny 2‘s open beta has been extended through Tuesday, July 25th.

Destiny 2’s open beta has so far been a success, as far as server stability is concerned. But apparently Bungie wants to perform some “additional service testing.”

The developer warns to “expect service interruptions during more strenuous testing.

Earlier today Bungie opened up The Farm — the new social hub — for a brief period. While there were some hiccups early on, it seemed to settle down. The Farm was void of NPCs or any meaningful content, but players could participate in soccer.

If you’ve been participating in the beta or have downloaded the beta client, you will be able to continue to play through Tuesday, July 25th around 6pm PDT.

Have you been enjoying Destiny 2’s beta so far? You can read my thoughts here.

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