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Destiny 2 Guide: How to Get The Mida Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle

Destiny 2 Mida MIni-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle

Guardians who played the original Destiny are likely familiar with the Mida Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle — a high impact scout rifle with a high rate of fire compared to others in its class. Considered one of the best scout rifles, the Mida Multi-Tool is also in Destiny 2, and this guide will help you obtain it.

GUIDE: How to get the Mida Multi-Tool in Destiny 2

Complete The Campaign

Before you start the quest for this weapon, you must first complete the Destiny 2 campaign. Don’t worry it’s not that long.

Once you have finished the campaign, open your Director and head to the EDZ. You will see a blue banner with the quest name, Enhanced!.

Complete the Quest “Enhanced”

Accept the quest and talk to Devrim Kay. Once you have done this start saving up any rare and legendary scout rifles you aquire. Devrim Kay will send you on a series of missions, all pretty self-explanatory stuff. Return to Devrim Kay and he will give you the Legendary Weapon: “Mida Mini-Tool.”

Upgrading Your Mida MIni-Tool with Banshee-44

Once you have the new Submachine Gun, go to the tower and talk to Banshee-44. He will send you on a quest to get 50 precision kills with a scout rifle and 25 multiple kills without reloading while using a scout rifle. This requires you to kill 3 or more enemies without reloading. Complete these objectives and head back to Banshee-44.

Dismantle Your Rare or Legendary Scout Rifles

Once you return to Banshee-44. he will ask that you dismantle 5 rare or legendary scout rifles (hopefully you saved them!). If not, the best way to acquire these is to complete strikes or public events and hope that they drop.

Quest: ‘The Fall Will Kill You’

Once you dismantle the scout rifles, the quest will change to “The Fall Will Kill You.” This requires you to kill enemy units while being airborne with an SMG. Simply jump around, hover, and kill enemies. You can use the Mida MIni-Tool for this quest. Complete this quest and head back to Banshee-44. He will have a brand new Mida Multi-Tool for you.

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