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Destiny 2 feels like just another expansion

Destiny 2 Preview

Destiny 2‘s beta kicked off this week, giving Guardians our first taste of what the highly anticipated sequel entails. In short? More of the same. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. And the fact that Destiny 2 feels like another expansion rather than a full-blown sequel isn’t necessarily Bungie’s fault.

We can all admit that Destiny was a bit of a disappointment when it first released in 2014. But over the years, through the release of expansions and DLC, it slowly morphed into the game that Bungie had originally promised it would be. It still wasn’t perfect when Destiny 2 was announced, but it had come a long way.

Now we find ourselves on the verge of the release of Destiny 2 — a full-fledged sequel with the promise that Bungie had learned from their past mistakes. And for the most part, it appears they have; however, having spent some time with the beta, Destiny 2 doesn’t feel like that it takes the leap that you’d hope from a blockbuster sequel. It’s not entirely Bungie’s fault though, and here’s why.

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It’s starts with an underwhelming Vanilla Destiny

As I mentioned, Destiny at launch (aka Vanilla Destiny or Destiny 1.0) was underwhelming, to say the least. While the gunplay and mechanics were praised by just about everyone, some of Bungie’s design choices were seriously questioned. A lackluster story in-game, the use of Grimoire cards, a narrow universe, were just a few of the problems that plagued Vanilla Destiny.

Slow Improvements through DLC and Expansions

While it was easy to call Destiny a flop from a fan point of view, its gameplay is what carried it during those initial months. Simply put, it has some of the cleanest mechanics and smoothest gunplay for a console first-person shooter. It just felt good to play, despite all the other flaws. As an RPG or MMO, Vanilla Destiny was disappointing. But as a first-person shooter? It was fun as hell.

To Bungie’s credit, they listened to the community and taking feedback into account, they improved upon Destiny through the release of expansions and DLC. The Dark Below, House of Wolves, each improved upon the core game all leading up to The Taken King — the holy grail of expansions.

The Taken King, aka Destiny 1.5

The Taken King is when Destiny truly shined and became the game originally promised. Again, it wasn’t perfect, but it at least showed Bungie was listening. The massive expansions brought a ton of changes and new additions to game. It brought more story and cinematics, new activities and challenges, and changed the core gameplay of Destiny. For many it felt like more of a sequel! It was even marketed and sold as if it were an entirely new game.

This was the pinnacle of Destiny and essentially completed the years-long journey for Bungie to deliver on the vision they had originally promised.

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Destiny 2 feels like another expansion

With The Taken King, Destiny became the game that Bungie had set forth on creating. But in doing so, it posed a very difficult challenge: how do you improve upon it?

The unfortunate answer is, you really can’t. Sure, you can add more story (they did) and make tweaks (they did, with PvP and gameplay balance). Largely though, Destiny 2 feels like a slight step up from The Taken King.

Based on the beta, which admittedly is just a morsel of what we’ll get when Destiny 2 officially releases, there’s not much difference in the overall approach to the franchise. The most noticable difference that I’ve seen is just a prettier and more immersive environment (and of course, an emphasis on cinematic moments).

While lack of story was undoubtedly vanilla Destiny’s biggest critique, is simply adding one now and polishing the graphics really enough? Destiny 2 is a victim of its predecessors. It’s hard to improve upon already-stellar mechanics. Do the rest of the improvements warrant a full-fledged sequel?

I’ll admit, I had a blast playing the “Homecoming” mission. If every Strike mission is as intricately designed as the Inverted Spire, that’ll be fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised with PvP’s switch to 4v4.

I like everything I’ve experienced so far in Destiny 2. It legit feels like a half-step up from The Taken King, which I guess if we’re getting technical makes it a full-fledged sequel to vanilla Destiny. But it doesn’t do a whole lot different. It’s more of the same, but pretty and more finely-tuned and polished.

That’s not a bad thing, but it feels like a lot of what’s in Destiny 2 could have been delivered via another expansion.

4 thoughts on “Destiny 2 feels like just another expansion

  1. PUH-LEASE!! Destiny 1 NEVER turned into the game they promised it would be! Their pathetic excuse for RPG elements was pretty fucking non existent, no fucking story or progression (no story in ttk either). And with Destiny 2 they taken out all way of modifying your character in terms of cooldowns etc….any RPG elements that were there already should have been massively improved on but instead, its now completely gone. FFS, COD has more ways of modifying your character for gameplay. Now at least we know they completely failed in their mission to create a hybrid/RPG/story driven/multiplayer game. Its just COD in space now, but a helluva lot slower gameplay.

    TTK DLC was good but not great like people keep saying it was. It was only hyped because that was the only meaningful DLC released since they launched the game, but it was nothing to fucking rave about ffs. Only because the original game was so shit, morons like you are blinded by something decent into thinking its fucking gold! Destiny 2 IS just more fucking DLC and you morons are forking out your money again for the same old shit. I’m not falling for the same trick twice – just because the bells and whistles are different, doesn’t mean I’m gonna fall for a pig with lipstick! Fucking pathetic game, from an even more pathetic and corny ass company. I can’t wait till the day they just get eaten up by Activision and become nothing more than COD in space (which is what this game is now, you morons just don’t realise it yet).

  2. thats because it is destiny 1.5 expansion.its the taken king 2.1 new sub class and some new pve areas to pve a sequel usually has all new classes,improved graphics and new game play,new modes.

    this destiny 1,5 expansion is looks the same as destiny 1,same game play and new pve areas and 1 new sub class.thats an expansion.this is nothing more then a $60 expansion….lmao.

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