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Destiny 2 Open World Activities: Adventures, Lost Sectors, World Quests and Flashpoints!

Destiny 2 - Nessus

One of the biggest criticisms with the original Destiny was that it didn’t allow for true exploration. Bungie has heard and listened to your feedback, and have made some pretty drastic improvements with Destiny 2.

Courtesy of IGN, we have our first look at how exploration will work in Destiny 2. Bungie Rituals and Programming Lead Rob Engeln takes us on a tour of Nessus, one of the new locations in the game, and details the many improvements coming to Destiny 2.

Public Events

Public Events are returning to Destiny 2. But Bungie has expanded upon these. Whether reimagined or completely new, Bungie has looked at past experiences in The Taken King — like Court of Oryx — and thought how to take that public gameplay and do it better in Destiny 2.

For starters, every Public Event has an optional bonus objective that if triggered gives you an extra hard version of the event with more enemies and optional bonus objectives/bosses.


Adventures are side-missions similar in scope to some of the quest missions in previous Destiny games. These fully-voiced missions expand on the story of what’s going on at the destination or provide some backstory on the characters. Adventures are self-contained, “reasonably quick,” and have no load screens.

Lost Sectors

Lost Sectors encourage exploration. They originated from the idea of finding a little cave and wondering what if there was actually something down. What if you follow these side paths and it turns into a giant cave system that leads to a boss and eventual chest you can loot? This is what Lost Sectors allow for. Their general locations are marked by graffiti on the wall. Each Lost Sector has an encounter that varies in size, and ends with a boss that leads to a chest.

World Quests

If Adventures represent small, bite-sized stories, World Quests are Bungie’s way of telling much larger, more interesting and multi-part stories about a destination. The video teases some backstory of the new NPC Failsafe. World Quests open up after you finish the campaign, giving you a chance to revisit a past location and have additional story content.


Flashpoints are a big weekly activity with an awesome reward that just about everybody can do. Flashpoints are more focused more on the open-world, designed as a counterpart the Weekly Nightfall.

Every week, Bungie will pick one destination and give players an objective to go there and clear out public events. After you’ve cleared out the public events, you get a reward; but, there’s a few other things going on as well.

Each week, Cayde sells treasure maps for you to find that are always located on the featured destination or the Flashpoint. There’s also a bunch of secret bosses that are only triggered or summoned when that destination is a Flashpoint event.


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