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Bungie Makes Two Big Changes To Destiny 2’s Crucible matchmaking

Bungie has posted their weekly update and features some changes being made to Destiny 2 for the upcoming PC beta, specifically tweaks to the Crucible. Following the recent console beta, Bungie looked at how they could improve Crucible matchmaking.

“One of our goals for Destiny 2 has been to create two different ways to challenge yourself against other players,” explained Crucible Design Lead Lars Bakken.

“From this point forward, to allow for more varied experiences between the playlists, matchmaking for Quickplay and Competitive will be tuned separately. Along with some other changes to the rule sets for specific game types, these are the moods we want to cultivate in the new Crucible.”

Going forward, Destiny 2 will feature two alternate modes of matchmaking, Quickplay and Competitive.

Quickplay matchmaking is all about getting you into the game faster, meaning less emphasis on finding players with similar Skill levels. Lars warns that this could mean that you face opponents “outside of your comfort zone.”

Bungie also found that many matches were shorter than expected — noting that some Guardians weren’t even able to charge their Super — so they’ve extended the winning score in control from 75 to 100. They’ve also extended the trigger for the Mercy rule so it will come into play less often.

Competitive matchmaking, on the other hand, emphasizes skill and good connection. These matchmaking settings may take longer, but the gameplay experience will be worth the wait. Bungie has also made improvements to the way they calculate your skill in Countdown to better reflect how you’ll perform against your opponents.

As one final note, Lars assured: “We always use an element of your skill rating when we match you with opponents or teammates, whether in a pre-made Fireteam or going in solo. In all cases, the average rating of the team is taken into account when looking for matches. As always, we’ll be eager to hear from you all about how this feels.”

Destiny 2’s PC beta will kick off on August 28th for those who have pre-ordered the game, while everyone else will have to wait a full day until August 29th.

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